Photo Booth: What was your worst date?

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  • Katie McKivergin / Clintonville
    My date drank his weight in alcohol at Suzi-Cue's and then kicked my friend in the chest.
  • Meghan Byrne / Clintonville
    My roommate's brother took me to Wendy's.
  • Vinny Queeno / Reynoldsburg
    I went mountain biking with this girl and fell and a rock went up my nose.
  • Sam Queeno / Reynoldsburg
    It was actually with my current girlfriend. I went to see "The Lego Movie" É Enough said.
  • Virginia Ferguson / Campus
    I spent $200 on dinner last Valentine's Day / and my date complained it wasn't a $300 dinner the whole night.
  • Paige Phillips / Bexley
    A guy begged me to go to a date auction so he could "bid" on a date with me and then left the city. I was stranded at the party.
  • Marty McGreevy / Victorian Villa
    It was with a guy ...
  • Jessica Oglesbee / Victorian Vil
    I was out with a guy and an "acquaintance" showed up; she wasn't happy, and it was awkward.