Photo Booth: What's your favorite bird?

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  • Julii Hall / Olde Towne East
  • Megan Rock / Olde Towne East
    Hootie faces! (Owls.)
  • Austin Doyle / Victorian Village
    The Mighty Duck(s)
  • Jessica Kline / Bexley
  • Tim Struble / Short North
    Velociraptor. That's a very old bird.
  • Vince Martin / Arena District
    The Bald Eagle. Because I'm an American.
  • Justin Dennison / Italian Villag
    The Blue-Footed Boobie! I read a lot of animal books in grade school.
  • Hunter Blevins / West Side
    A snipe
  • Cory Oakley / The 'ville (Clinto
    Peregrine Falcons. Because I used to have one.