Photo Booth: What's your favorite sports team mascot?

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  • Adrian X / Victorian Village
    Fred from Scooby Doo ... Oh, you said mascot, not ascot. I'm so good at this.
  • Dan Loper / Victorian Village
    The Stanford Tree. He is one lively tree.
  • Alex Greene / University Distric
    Pierre the Pelican, before his plastic surgery.
  • Zach Stehura / Westerville
    Chief Wahoo
  • David Gamble / Clintonville
  • Nickey Winkelman / Groveport
    I was a middle school mascot at Walnut Springs Middle School. So my favorite is the other guy who was the mascot.
  • Erik Tate / Short North
    My favorite mascot is Nickey Winkelman.
  • Kamari Stevens / Easton
    The Playboy Bunny
  • Danny Stratton / Grove City
    The Stanford Tree
  • Jay Ingram / Westerville
    The Broncos. They have a real horse!