The crew from 1460 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Tony Castricone Milan Jordan Ted Holbrook Clair the Fan Girl Scott Torgerson What bowl match-up would you like to see for the Buckeyes? OSU vs. Georgia in the Capital One Bowl. Get the SEC monkey off their back! The best way for Ohio State to quiet their nay-sayers is to beat an SEC team, whether in the Sugar Bowl or even the Capital One Bowl. OSU vs. Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. A chance at SEC redemption. I'd like to get another crack at an SEC team, but that might be a dangerous wish. Something they would win. Independence Bowl, anyone? Would coach Bill Cowher be the Browns' savior? He'd be Coach Cowher Don't know if he'd win a title, but he'd be a darn good coach. The Browns desperately need a strong presence to provide leadership in the organization. Bill Cowher and his chin would bring that to the sideline. Cowher Power. He would lead them to the playoffs with his chin. They need a miracle and a savior. Why would he go there? He can pick any job he wants. If he goes anywhere, it'll be San Diego. I'm not buying the, "I'm from Ohio and once played for the Browns." Who's the worst boss in professional sports? Worst guy to work for had to be George Steinbrenner. He hired and fired the same manager five times! Baseball commissioner Bud Selig. He continues to dazzle everybody with his incompetence. Mike Brown. The Bengals are horrible because of him. Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou, Romeo? Mike Brown What's your advice for avoiding drama around the office? Be nice and don't suck at your job. Focus on your task at hand. You're not in high school anymore ... avoid the drama! Drink heavily and act crazy. The drama will avoid you. Avoid wearing your Speedo into the office on casual Friday. Don't talk to anyone.