Best of Columbus 2009

Best Wine List

From the 02/24/2009 edition

The Burgundy Room

641 N. High St., Short North



A choice of around 50 wines by the glass and 300 by the bottle is a daunting task for decision-making abilities, especially when the wines familiar from the supermarket aren't on the list. That's what you'll encounter at The Burgundy Room, but the rest of the story is what makes the cozy wine and tapas bar a Best of Columbus winner.

Having personally tried every wine on the list, the bar staff can guide your selection with a quick exchange about personal tastes. The familiar supermarket labels aren't in the mix because, as general manager Ashley Sattler explained, "We like to represent the small guy. They're usually better quality at a better price."

The restaurant passes on the savings, keeping its wine markups slight in-house ("depending on rarity," Sattler said) and selling bottles to go at state minimum. For as little as $20, you can walk out with something that tastes like a much bigger expenditure.

To help customers get to know the selection on their own, 30 for $30 tastings are offered each month, spotlighting different regions or varietals. Tonight, French varietals go up against California wines made from the same grapes, to gauge the effects of soil on taste. If you miss it, you could do some solo tasting at a new attraction that's been very popular - live jazz every other Wednesday night.

Runners up: Morton's The Steakhouse, Vino Vino