Best of Columbus 2009

Best Bar to Watch Soccer

From the 02/24/2009 edition

Fado Irish Pub

4022 Townsfair Way, Easton



With the Crew riding high and European leagues more popular than ever, a growing number of Columbus bars are catering to soccer fans. But Fado has been doing it the longest, and according to Alive readers, Easton's Irish pub is still the best.

A national chain with a neighborhood feel, on weekends Fado transforms from a friendly pub into a soccer mecca. Just after sunrise, fans filter in to watch the world's top leagues, including the English Premier League, the Scottish Premier League and Italy's Serie A, on Fado's vast array of TVs.

The screenings attract a mix of internationals following the teams they grew up with and U.S. natives who have adopted clubs like Liverpool and Juventus as their own. Some folks stick around all day, downing Guinness, munching on fish and chips and singing songs of support for their chosen colors.

On certain weekday afternoons, the bar fills up as footie fans flock to see UEFA Champions League action or World Cup qualifiers. And Fado is the best place in all of suburbia to watch Crew away games, as yellow-and-black-clad ultras cultivate a festive atmosphere in support of the 2008 MLS Cup champions.

Runners up: Tommy Keegan's, Ruby Tuesday