Best of Columbus 2009

Best Bar Staff

From the 02/24/2009 edition

Dub Pub

5736 Frantz Rd., Dublin



Many factors should be taken into account when assessing the quality of any given bar staff, like friendly service, positive attitude and the ability to keep patrons coming back on a regular basis. The staff at the Dub Pub exhibits each of these fine qualities. It also doesn't hurt that each member of the staff is absolutely, positively drop-dead gorgeous.

This marks the third consecutive year that the Dub Pub has taken this Best of Columbus title, proving that the distinction is no fluke. And though the staff is easy on the eyes, manager Jackie Martinez says that looks aren't everything. "To work here, a girl has to be funny, smart, hard-working," he explained. "You have to be able to hustle and work your butt off."

Overall, they represent the complete package: brains, beauty and personality, as well as a commitment to the greater good. On top of serving tables, the ladies are all featured in the annual Dub Pub swimsuit calendar, which raises money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

As Martinez put it, "These are girls you can hang out with." On that front, the real winners are the fine paying customers of the Dub Pub.

Runners up: Bier Stube, Union Bar + Food