Best of Columbus 2009

Best Martini

From the 02/24/2009 edition

Martini Park

4040 Easton Station, Easton



It should be no surprise that Columbus's Best Martini can be found at an establishment bearing the sophisticated beverage's name. With over 30 cocktails ranging from the refreshing Cucumber to the lavish 24 Karat Gold, Martini Park is a virtual Baskin-Robbins of adult beverages.

Owner Chris Barish developed the concept in New York City, and while he wanted his nightclub to carry the feel of a big-time metropolis, there was something intriguing about Columbus. "Across the country, there was an unmet need for something like Martini Park," he said. "Columbus, Ohio, believe it or not, was one of the first places we thought of."

Deeming his spot a "playground for adults," Barish has seen steady success since opening Martini Park here in November. It feels like a trip to Las Vegas without the gambling losses. Not to say you won't drop some cash - the martinis run $10 to $12 a pop - but the quality and taste are unmatched by any in Columbus.

And don't let the pricey drinks suggest pretentiousness. "If you want to come to a nice place and have fun without all the attitude," Barish said, "then come to Martini Park."

Runners up: Bristol Bar, Martini Modern Italian