Best of Columbus 2009

Best Sushi

By Bryan Bullock
From the Best Sushi edition

Haiku Poetic Art and Food

800 N. High St., Short North


Canvases hang from earthy walls beside glossy, low-profile tables in this posh pan-Asian restaurant, but it's the sushi - not the scene - that fills its wait lists. The casual Short North eatery features a sushi bar, lined with counter seating, that artfully prepares fresh sashimi, nigiri and over 30 specialty rolls spliced with ingredients like avocado, cream cheese and pecans. Everybody has a favorite roll and there's no better place to debate it than on Haiku's lattice-laden patio when winter relinquishes. Sushi, a bottle of sake, a warm breeze - that's Zen.

Runners up: Akai Hana, Kooma