Flaming foods: Indian Oven

  • Jodi Miller photo
From the 07/29/2009 edition

Oven-Sizzling Tandoori Platter

Firestarter: Indian Oven

Indian Oven might be on the pricey side, but it's quite reliable. Plus it's a hoot eating food with its roots in an ancient cuisine while lounging in an artsy and ultra-modern, post-industrial steel-and-glass space.

The heat is on ...: An oval-shaped cast-iron skillet with a handle fitted into a wooden heat-absorber.

Hot! Hot! Hot!: Call this the Indian version of mixed fajitas. Arriving luridly dusted with devilish red chili powders that hint at their complex flavors are hacked-up bits of bone-in tandoori chicken, tender clumps of boneless chicken tikka, plus some tandoori shrimp. And yes, they are all smoking and hissing above a layer of madly searing peppers and onions.

What's more, you can taste a seasoning difference among all three proteins, as the tikka is more fiery, the tandoori is smokier and the shrimp is the mildest. Comes with top-notch cardamom-scented, loose-grained basmati rice and toasty naan bread.