Still overwhelmed by aisles of wine? Consider attending this weekend's Columbus Wine Festival, a tasting of 200 wines from around the world.

Still overwhelmed by aisles of wine?

This column has always sought to ease those feelings, but for an even quicker fix, consider attending a wine tasting.

It's a chance to sample wines of all sorts without having to commit to buying an entire bottle. Plus, you can talk to the people who make or distribute the wine. Just be sure to jot down your comments before you've had too many.

It'll be even easier at this weekend's Columbus Wine Festival, a tasting of 200 wines from around the world. The event's sponsored by Giant Eagle, and if you're interested in a bottle you can order it at the fest for pickup later at your local supermarket.

Ease yourself into a tasting and ready your 'buds by starting with a riesling or moscato and moving into a pinot noir, malbec or merlot, suggested Olivier Kielwasser,senior director of beer, wine and liquor for Giant Eagle.

"It's going to be a hot day, I would assume, so what people might want to do is try white wines, sweet wines," Kielwasser said. "Start there, and slowly move your way up to some of the reds, some easy-drinking reds."

Tasting booths, an entertainment stage, a cooking demonstration area and a Belgian beer tent will be spread out at the Franklin County Conservatory, near the amphitheater. Food samples from Rotolo's Pizza, Trattoria Roma and others will be available, and a $25 admission includes a souvenir wine glass and 10 one-ounce tasting tickets.

There are plenty of accessible wines, but Kielwasser added that even experienced drinkers will find something new. Wines suitable for all seasons and from regions like California, Washington, Australia and Argentina will be available; Raven's Glenn, a Coshocton-area winery, will represent Ohio.

"You can actually find wines that don't break the bank," said Chad Tennant of InPlay Events, the weekend's organizer. "It's not a highfalutin event. We're just about people relaxing, having fun and finding out new wines."

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