Mixologist: Denis Moore of Molly Woo's

From the 12/16/2009 edition
Neighborhood: Worthington

Hometown: Worthington

Years behind the bar: 10

Molly Woo's is at Polaris. What's the crowd like during the shopping season?

Absolutely the best thing about the shopping season is watching all the guys get dropped off at the bar and all the women go shopping. It's quite comical.

Guys will bring their kids to the mall and the kids will keep coming back hitting them up for money. The dads will just stay here and watch football while the kids and wives shop.

There's also a lot of women who come in prepping to shop or recovering. So you catch a little bit of everything. Some people will do pre-shopping drinking and post- drinking, and sometimes they stop by in the middle.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I like to be with my kids - my wife and family. I coach my son in football. I've coached for four seasons. It's more fun than playing was. I get as much fun out of it as the kids do. It's an absolute blast.

I like to be outdoors. I'm kind of into food. I'm into dining out and drinking.

Where do you like to eat?

All over, really, but the Rossi Downtown is one of my favorites. And we have the fortune of having a good discount at Cameron Mitchell restaurants. It's kind of hard to beat - good restaurants, and getting money off certainly helps.

What's your favorite dish here?

It would be the Thai Seafood Rice, but it has to have the pad Thai noodles instead of rice. It hits all the points - fresh seafood, not too saucy, and nice and spicy. It's good news all around.

Where do you like to go get a drink?

The Pub [at Polaris] or the Crown Sports Lounge. I'm pretty easygoing. I like a nice, quiet place where you can have a good conversation and still interact with people.

What do you drink?

Typically bourbon. I would say Maker's Mark is my favorite. And I love the Bourbon Barrel Ale at the Pub. It's unbelievable. At the Pub they mix it with Guinness, which makes it a little less sweet, and therefore better in my opinion.

If you could have a drink with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

Winston Churchill, he's a fascinating guy. He was the last of a dying breed. I guess I'm kind of old-fashioned at heart.