Chosen pizza: Whole World's Herb and Guacamole Pizza

From the September 11, 2010 edition

For over three decades, the Whole World Bakery and Restaurant has been hand-making the kind of classic vegetarian fare popularized in America during the hippie-heavy '60s and '70s. It's hard to argue with well-earned longevity like that, especially when Whole World's hearty, homebaked goodies are so healthy and crave-tastic.

Why this pie?: This stoner-food concoction is so wrong, it's oh-so-right.

Eat it: Here's how I imagine this pizza was created (Grateful Dead playing in the background).

Dazed late-night chef #1: Talk about baked!

Dazed late-night chef #2: Yeah, dude, our new hefty whole-wheat 'za rules the world! And the zesty-ass tomato sauce and ooey, gooey, melty cheeses are freakin' awesome!

Dazed late-night chef #1: I know, man, but now I'm thinkin' maybe we could make it even better if we added something, you know,  green to it.

DLNC #2: You don't mean ...

DLNC #1: Yeah, man, some of that killer guacamole I just whipped up - you know, that creamy and garlicky stuff.

DLNC #2: Dude, that's genius! And how about adding some sunflower seeds for crunch! Oh yeah, and some raw diced tomatoes to go with both the pizza and the guacamole?

DLNC #1: Then crown it with bean sprouts?

#1 and #2 together: We freakin' rock!

Note: G.A. digs this unlikely but undeniably brilliant and groovy pizza pie minus the sprouts and minus the Grateful Dead.