Rocktoberfest 8 p.m. Phantods

From the 09/29/2010 edition

Phantods have been everywhere in 2010, appearing at seemingly every festival, opening for countless groups' album-release shows and hopping on the bill with myriad touring talents. (Oh yeah, and they were on the cover of Alive for ComFest.)

All the while, the hybrid rock combo has been honing its songwriting chops and preparing a new record of its own, the leaner and cleaner "Creature." After nearly a decade of gleeful genre-hopping, early leaks show Phantods have become a more focused unit.

The band's still as zesty and ferocious as ever, but there's a heavier emphasis on the pop hooks Gretchen King has always sneakily inserted between Dan Hagquist's twisted riffage. And with fifth member Kyle Frith now in the mix, their live show hits harder than ever.