Classic Columbus Haunts: Wing's

  • Photos by Jodi Miller
From the 10/06/2010 edition

First meal served: 1920

Down Memory Lane: Before it was named Wing's, it was the Far East Restaurant. The Far East was undoubtedly a far-out concept to most Ohioans in the ethnic-eatery-challenged 1920s. But the place became popular, moving up the street to its present location in the 1940s.

In the '70s, it took the name it keeps today, when a Far East Restaurant employee, Wing Yee, bought the joint. The same family still owns and operates this Bexley landmark (for time-tripping photographs of the Far East and its famous cocktail menus from the '40s and '50s, check out

Between the aisles: Past a curvy glass-block entryway is the kind of classic Chinese American restaurant you sometimes see in old movies. The best place to hang out in Wing's is a black padded booth between the imperial gold and red of the rockin' bar area. A major perk of such a perch is proximity to Wing's deep reservoir of hooch - which includes 160 Scotches!

On the plate: Vestigial dishes from a time when even pseudo-Chinese food seemed exotic to most Americans are still proudly served here. Thus, it's a great place to get Wor Su Gai (super crackly boneless fried chicken breast with gravy, scallions, crushed nuts and the all-important lettuce) or fried-omelet-like Cantonese Egg Foo Young.