Classic Columbus Haunts

A toast to the city's longest-running restaurants

  • Photos by Jodi Miller
From the 10/06/2010 edition

Like all reporting, the bulk of my food stories concerns what is new out there. Not this time.

No, for this article, I traveled far in the opposite direction, zooming through faded calendar pages to a pre-laptop, pre-internet, hell, basically pre-TV era of Columbus practically none of us would recognize. I went to taste the past.

What I found out is that the nostalgic flavors of an old-fashioned Buckeye capital are still around to be savored at a handful of remarkably intact restaurants. These are defiantly durable places that have outlasted food fads, stayed true to their vision, withstood the gravitational tug of time. These are Columbus dining classics. (Note: For my purpose, that translated into a restaurant business still operational after more than half a century). 

To feast at these persevering eateries is to realize they are not museums, but still-thriving kitchen contenders packed with loyal, happy-munching regulars having a good old meal ordered from menus rife with vintage (sometimes endangered) dishes. So check 'em out, make a trip down history lane, and take a bite out of time - you might just find it tastes surprisingly fresh.