Beauty: Salon644

From the October 20, 2011 edition

Mindy Coffey’s seen a lot throughout her career as a stylist in Columbus. The popularity of the mullet in the early 1980s was an aesthetic low point, she said.

“They called it a ‘bi-level’ at that time,” she said, laughing. “It was unflattering.”

It’s been nearly 30 years since the age of the un-ironic mullet and since Coffey opened her first salon, called Head of the Park, across from Schiller Park. The salon stayed in that location until this spring, when it took on a new name and moved to a bigger home a couple of blocks away on South Pearl Street.

Now called Salon644, Coffey said she misses being so close to the German Village park but the new location has “my blood pumping again.”

The additional room allowed her to hire two new stylists, and Coffey and some of her clients planted a garden in the fenced-in backyard.

Salon644 gave away much of its first summer produce, which included zucchinis, tomatoes, herbs, mesclun greens and brussels sprouts. Clients waiting for color to set or nails to dry enjoy sitting among the garden’s flowers when it’s warm, Coffey said.

The inside feels at once modern and homey with a color scheme of orange, black and white, and throwback hits like “A Fifth of Beethoven” on the sound system. The salon’s new emblem is a flower — designed by a Salon644 customer — and a Maskros chandelier from Ikea above the manicure and pedicure station looks like a wispy dandelion.

Prices start at $25 for men’s cuts, $35 for women’s cuts and $50 for color. Manicures are $20, and pedicures are $40; the salon uses OPI and Essie brand polish.

Nail tech Rhea Hook said customers are asking for a lot of blues, greens and pale pastels. The big nail color trend this fall, she said, is a gray brown (like OPI’s “Over the Taupe”).

As for hot hair looks, Coffey said golden reds and caramels are popular colors, and soft curls and big hair are back.

The mullet, though, not so much. The only party in the back happening at Salon644 is a garden party.