Staff pick: An Evening with Abigail Disney

From the October 20, 2011 edition

Through the voices of women — in third-world villages all the way to the United Nations — the miniseries “Women War and Peace” exposes the particular effects of war on women and the role women play in demanding and achieving peace.

Abigail Disney (yes, of those Disneys) and the film’s other producers got some Hollywood heavy hitters — including Tilda Swinton and Geena Davis — to narrate the films. Names like those are important to draw an audience to a project, but once there, viewers will likely be riveted by what they see and hear.

At the Arena Grand, Disney will speak about the film, and audience members will see a trailer for the series, which is being shown in five parts on WOSU. Tickets are tax-deductible donations to The Women’s Fund and WOSU.