Summit to discuss city’s young professionals

From the October 20, 2011 edition

Updates on Central Ohio’s ongoing attempts to attract and retain talented workers will be presented during the 2011 State of the Young Professional, which will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 26, at the Embassy Suites near Port Columbus International Airport.

“The emphasis on attract-and-retain has not gone away,” said Michael Dalby, president and CEO of the Columbus Chamber, the event’s host. “If anything, it has intensified. I think we’ve all seen how valuable certain skills sets are to our economy.”

The event will include a career-development seminar, a networking session with refreshments and the release of a new survey of young professionals.

More than 1,000 responded to the 2011 poll, which inquired about what makes the city cool and what it needs down the line to draw a new generation of employees.

“I think it’s going to be instructive for us all,” Dalby said. “There are some positive things and some that we still need to work on.”

The goal, he explained, is to translate survey results into new public policies, urban developments and initiatives. Since the city’s attract-and-retain initiative launched in 2006, Dalby said that public input has led to things like investment in building up Downtown.

“You have to constantly look at nurturing today with an eye at building up the future,” Dalby explained. “We won’t be effective at that if we don’t ask a lot of questions.”