Last-minute Halloween costume ideas: Zombie/Deadite anything

  • Photo by Jodi Miller
From the October 27, 2011 edition

An average zombie in jeans and a ripped flannel shirt will do, or get creative and wear the undead makeup with another costume (e.g. zombie Alice in Wonderland). White face, dark eye circles and blood drips make for the basics. More decayed zombies can apply latex to areas where the “flesh wound” is and stick shredded toilet paper on top to create that painful mashed skin look. Dip a small chunk of steel wool in burgundy cake makeup and dot around the wounds to mimic broken capillaries. Be sure to blend until all the makeup sponge marks are gone lest someone disbelieve your insatiable thirst for brains.

Modeled by: Amy Wolk (Cheryl in “Evil Dead: The Musical”)

Makeup by: Angie Iwaniec, CATCO