Exhibit: Salon de Salon at Hot Head Salon

  • "Reaching for Petals" by Joey Monsoon
  • "She Did it in Solidarity" by Stephanie Rond]
From the December 15, 2011 edition

Take out the salon chairs and sinks, sweep up the orphaned locks and you’d hardly know Hot Head Salon was ever anything but a gallery space.

But an art show in a hair salon? That’s a bit lowbrow.

Make that Cowtown Lowbrow.

In “Salon de Salon,” the group of nine local artists known as Cowtown Lowbrow Collective presents a variety of hair-themed artwork at Hot Head, owned by Jamie Harrison-Smith.

CowBrow artist Stephanie Rond, a client of Harrison-Smith, has provided art for the walls of the salon in the past. That collaboration blossomed into the collective’s fourth group show.

“It’s nice because I get to hear from an audience that is just going to be completely honest with her,” said Rond, who was sporting a pink updo-mohawk at the show’s opening. “When you’re in the chair, you tell your stylist everything. The dialogue is already there.”

The show features a cast of fiendish characters in Dan Gerdeman’s paintings, Sharon Dorsey’s “hare” sculptures and Rond’s skulls with ’70s hairstyles. Joey Monsoon offers several arresting paintings in a palate of steel blues, grays and browns, while Marina Goldshteyn’s tongue-in-cheek prints hang alongside cross-stitch pieces and paintings by Carolyn Slebodnik.

The canvases of Cyrus Fire and Coreroc burst with color.

“I paint as much as humanly possible,” said Fire. “I normally do things that are very illustration-based… but over the past two years I’ve started doing more abstract work.” His piece “Nest Egg” is one example.

Meanwhile, Coreroc’s piece “The StyLUST” is a profile of the Statue of Liberty holding a graffiti artist’s can of spray-paint in lieu of a torch. Or is it aerosol hairspray?

There’s plenty of hair-inspired humor to go around.

“Have you ever noticed that that guy has a cowlick like Dennis the Menace?” said Corey Aumiller, a teacher, filmmaker, cartoonist and painter. Aumiller was referring to his satire-slathered piece “Menace,” a CowBrow-style nod to Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Cowtown Lowbrow will donate 20 percent of sales and 100 percent of donations from the show to the Hair Theater Fund, which raises money for wigs for patients who have lost their hair to chemotherapy.