Liquor: Three to gift

From the December 15, 2011 edition

An easy — and always cheerful — gift for the holidays is a nice bottle of booze. Trust me, everyone, even those hardest to shop for are pleased when they get something exquisite to sip. Here are three recommendations that should make it easier to get that shopping out of the way so you can enjoy a little nipper yourself. Cheers.

Redbreast Irish Whiskey ($54)

Do you know a Jameson fan? Of course you do — everyone loves the stuff. Well, give them a bottle of Redbreast and you’ll make their “nice” list. Manufactured by Irish Distillers Ltd., which also produces Jameson, this authentic pot still whiskey is perfectly bold, yet smooth and regarded as one of the finest Irish whiskeys available.

Watershed Gin ($28)

Gin drinkers are often a picky bunch — do not buy them Tanqueray. Columbus’ own gin is, in my humble opinion, one of the tastier gin products out there. Using eight botanical infusions, Watershed contains a complex flavor profile that works for a variety of cocktails, from martinis to citrusy and fruity concoctions.

Mount Gay Extra Old ($40)

Cognac or bourbon is generally thought of as the traditional spirit to mix with eggnog, but rum, especially a top-notch one like this — from the oldest rum brand in the world — works as an appealing diversion. The sweet and spice combo of Mount Gay’s signature vintage is the perfect combo for the holiday nog. It’s also suitable for a nice hot buttered rum if you’re in the mood for a warm cocktail.