Staff Pick: Raku party and studio open house

From the December 15, 2011 edition

Raku ware is a Japanese style of pottery that you may have seen (in fact or in replica) in your favorite Japanese restaurant. Each piece is special and totally unique, making it a perfect gift for someone you love.

In this workshop, led by artist Todd Hickerson, participants will glaze a handmade piece of pottery and watch as it’s fired in a really hot (1,850 degrees hot) kiln. Pieces are plucked from the kiln with what must be special tongs and plunged in metal cans filled with combustible material. Inside the can, the fire reacts with the glaze on the pottery, creating metallic and iridescent effects. Your pottery will be cooled in water before you’re allowed to touch it and take it home. Safe to say this ain’t your mama’s pottery class.

While you’re at the gallery, browse the German Village Art League’s “Illuminating Art” exhibit and enjoy some refreshments.

The workshop costs $30 and pays dividends in bragging rights.