Beer: Saison Dupont

  • Photo by Will Shilling
From the December 27, 2011 edition

About the style

The saison was born in small, family-owned farmhouse breweries of France and Belgium, and many recipes have been honed with great care over generations. Often considered the style’s top example, Brasserie Dupont’s flagship beer is sturdy enough to condition in the bottle and refreshing enough to be enjoyed in warm seasons.

Saisons generally are crisp, dry and golden in color, with varying notes of fruit, hops and yeast. If you’re looking to switch out champagne for beer this year, this style’s a great option for sipping and celebrating.

About the beer

Drinking Saison Dupont is a treat every step of the way, so don’t rush things.

Grab a red-wine glass, pour the beer slowly and watch it effervesce through thousands of miniscule bubbles. This sign of quality champagne is one reason the beer delights the senses. Tiny bubbles continue to lace the bright, golden liquid until your final sip.

Saison Dupont is light, crisp and dry. It seems at first like a fine Czech pilsner, yet soon emerges as something remarkably unique. Aromas of fresh lilies combine with herbal flavors of green tea, and special Belgian yeast gives everything an airy, almost fluffy texture. Earthy, hoppy notes linger on the tongue, as if each sip was waving goodbye.

Happy New Year’s.