City: Things We’d Like to See in 2012

From the December 27, 2011 edition

As Columbus celebrates its 200th birthday, everyone will have an idea for how to improve the city. You’ll hear about new mass transit and additional skyscrapers. People will talk about bike lanes, branding and funding for the arts. The conversation will range wide and include ambitious plans.

To start off this historic year, here are a few small-scale developments that would make Columbus a more enjoyable place to live, work and play.

Short North gift registry

This holiday season, Tigertree co-owner Josh Quinn started an analog gift registry. Customers recorded holiday wishes on note cards so that others could purchase the exact items a person wanted.

Quinn has mentioned in passing that he’d like to expand the idea through the Short North. A searchable (and, let’s hope, digital) registry would unite the district to an even greater degree and stoke interest in local products and retailers.

Columbus Bicentennial film festival

The moviemaking industry exists in Columbus through several thriving companies and organizations responsible for commercial shorts, indie films and a growing number of quality music videos.

Vital Companies, an audiovisual production collective in Grandview, has been in talks to align a film event with the bicentennial celebration. Tied to such a big event, a film festival featuring local work could ignite a stronger scene here.

A great interactive app

The city has spawned several mobile applications, including My Columbus, a good start by the City of Columbus. However, none highlights our robust cultural offerings in a way that engages casual users.

The bicentennial is being built to highlight Columbus, and a great app could show it off to outsiders.

A great Columbus app would be searchable, interactive and brimming with info on the museums, galleries, parks, restaurants, bars and neighborhoods that incite such joy among people who live here. The program would tell visitors not only where things are located but also why they should go.

Dublin-based MobileXpeditions has created content-rich projects for clients such as COSI and Celebrity Cruises. It would awesome to see them collaborate with other locals on a comprehensive citywide project.