New store: LP Designs

  • Photos by Jodi Miller
  • Photos by Jodi Miller
From the December 27, 2011 edition

A new art and decor store in the Short North lets shoppers bask in the silver lining of designer Leslie Pannelle’s bad-economy story.

As the downturn dried up the pool of people willing to pay for interior decorating, she opened the store she always wanted — LP Designs — in Powell last year and relocated to the arts district last month.

“I’m attracted to the energy of the Short North,” Pannelle said. “And I want to be a part of Home on High,” the collaborative marketing effort of the Short North’s home goods stores.

LP Designs, which has a High Street address but is located half a block east on Russell Street, sells home decor, furniture by Grandview’s Objects for the Home, jewelry, gifts and utensils. Independent artists, both local and international, supply 90 percent of the items in the store.

“I travel a lot, and independent artists are just what I’m drawn to. I try to find the store that sells them in every city I visit,” Pannelle said. “That was kind of how this all started. I want to give that experience to everyone.”

Indeed, no one is excluded from indulging in something at LP Designs, as the scope of styles and prices could appease both your visiting mom (try the $39 chrysoprase gemstone and sterling silver earrings) or your visiting teen sibling (like the $10 vintage map pinwheels). Or, duh, yourself (we fancy the $27 cocktail shaker that’s wrapped in a mock prescription for Boozemin).