Staff Pick: Elvis-A-Thon at The Bluestone

From the January 12, 2012 edition

Elvis might be just a bit of kitsch to some people, but the Southern boy turned American King has one of the best rags-to-riches stories and reshaped our pop-cultural history with one swivel of those well-oiled hips. He would have turned 76 on Jan. 8.

What better way for fans to celebrate his legacy than a night of local musicians covering Elvis songs at Elvis-A-Thon?

This annual Columbus tradition in its 16th year. Eighteen local bands (check out The Bluestone’s online events page for a full lineup) will perform three Elvis songs each, from hits everyone knows to lovely numbers threatened by obscurity. 

The show costs $10 at the door, and proceeds benefit local nonprofit Open Shelter. If you want an introduction to Columbus’ rocking — and totally underappreciated — rockabilly scene, don’t leave the building until the show is over.