Gadgets: Reviews

From the January 19, 2012 edition

When is a computer mouse not a computer mouse? When it also scans a document.

The LG LSM-100 Mouse Scanner is not yet on sale in the U. S., but a number of foreign sellers on eBay are offering these gadgets for prices anywhere between $90 and $150. I got mine for $103 (including free shipping) from South Korea.

The new gadget came in a bilingual box and included a multilingual manual. The mouse plugs into a USB port on your computer and works with almost no muss or fuss.

As a mouse, it’s a standard, normal-size two-button mouse with a flywheel between the buttons. The added scanner function is built into the bottom of the mouse, which contains a scanner window complete with lasers and LED lights.

Press the SCAN button on the left side of the mouse, then simply wave the mouse over the document you want to copy. You can watch the scanned image appear on your screen as you move the gizmo in a back and forth motion. The Mouse Scanner also features Optical Character Recognition that converts text into an editable document for Word or Excel. Scanned images can also be saved in a variety of file formats. The mouse’s bundled software allows scanned files to be shared via email, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

When is a pillow not a pillow? When it’s shaped like a woman’s backside.

Admit it, guys, nothing’s more comforting than laying your noggin in the crook of your honey’s back or on her lap. But what if you are sans sweetie at this moment? That’s where the Booty Pillow ($30, comes in. This 100 percent polyurethane pillow comes in a rainbow of colors, from Cheetah Booty 2.0 to Purple Collegiate Booty to Amsterdaaamn Booty.

As the manufacturer says, it’s a gadget sure to “put a smile on your cheeks.”

The Consumer Electronics Show was held last week. Rarely does something free come out of that electronics wonderland. Scrible (, now in beta release, is such a rare find.

Designed to work on the iPad, it’s a clever HTML5 concept that lets you mark up online articles within a Safari browser and save them to the cloud. You can organize and save your notes, or share them with friends. You go through a multistep process to set up your iPad to manage this trick, but it’s not all that complicated for the results you get.