Tattooed together: Keaton and Sam Moser

  • Photos by Jodi Miller
From the February 9, 2012 edition

How did they meet? At a Halloween party; however, their acquaintance had long been encouraged by Keaton’s sister Candace, who was also Sam’s co-worker at Plato’s Closet.

Tattoo: A Sailor Jerry-style anchor on their right feet

Who did it? An artist in Savannah, Georgia

After marrying on Sept. 30 last year, the Mosers honeymooned on Tybee Island near Savannah.

“We wanted a souvenir, but not something cheesy like a T-shirt or beer koozie,” Keaton said.

The symbol they chose was an ode to their honeymoon near the ocean and a sign of what their vows mean to them.

“Not tied down,” Sam said, “but anchored to each other.”