Staff Pick: The Second City’s Laugh Out Loud Tour

From the March 8, 2012 edition

Unlike most people, I have no ability to remember and later quote lines from “Arrested Development,” “30 Rock” or “The Office.” Yet when I saw a Second City tour several years ago, the Chicago sketch comedy troupe’s jokes were so funny that I still remember some of them. I even used a line from one of the skits about Illinois politics one day when I encountered former Sen. Roland Burris.

“Saturday Night Live” historically has recruited much of its talent from the Second City cast. But these days, when any washed-up teen star can pester Lorne Michaels into giving her hosting duties, Second City is a much better bet. And its Columbus performance will include the cream of the crop: The Laugh Out Loud tour features the best sketches from the group’s 50-year history.