Preview: Andrew Bird with Eugene Mirman at the Southern Theatre

From the March 15, 2012 edition

Despite his maudlin tendencies, Andrew Bird’s music has always had a vaudevillian flair to it, what with all the whistling and violin trickery and whatnot. So it actually makes sense to pair him with a comedian on tour, especially a left-of-center cult favorite like Eugene Mirman.

Listening to Mirman (who you may recognize as the creepy landlord from “Flight of the Conchords”) crack jokes, one gets the sense that his deadpan ruminations come from a similarly dark place as Bird’s thoughtful chamber pop. Expect a neat symbiosis when they appear together in a Wexner Center show at the Southern this Tuesday, Mirman stirring up ideas that can come to fruition as Bird performs selections from his new “Break It Yourself,” an album that will please Bird zealots and surprise absolutely no one.