Best City Park: Columbus Park of Roses

From the March 29, 2012 edition

The Park of Roses is one of the country’s best-known parks focused on the fragrant flower. Around the 13-acre park, more than 400 varieties bloom on bushes and climb structures. There are blossoms in red, pink, white, orange and yellow, and each of the roses has a fun name such as All that Jazz, Betty Boop, Cinco de Mayo, Strike it Rich and Tahitian Sunset.

Surrounding the rose park is Whetstone Park, which clocks in at more than 136 acres. With walking trails, tennis courts, a pretty pond, woods to explore and access to the Olentangy Trail, Whetstone and its sibling rose park is a perfect place to bring a companion — animal or human — on a sunny day.

Runners-up: Goodale Park, Schiller Park

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