Best Local Treat: Sugardaddy’s

From the March 29, 2012 edition

Mom’s homemade brownies were good, but Columbus flips for Sugardaddy’s big round brownies and blondies that come in flavors that might actually make you drool a little bit (we won’t tell). They’re round — and proudly sold as “edgeless.” All you get is a fistful of dense, goody-filled brownie.

Sugardaddy’s ships all over the U.S. and has picked up some national press, but folks in Columbus love to pile in to the shops Downtown and at Easton and Polaris. The stores are veritable monuments to brownies. One charming offering: Trimmings are tumbled into clear bags and sold as Pocket Change.

Runners-up: Pattycake, Angry Baker

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