Best Local Alcohol: Oyo Honey Vanilla Bean Vodka

From the March 29, 2012 edition

In its original form, Oyo Vodka is impressive — an artisan spirit distilled from Ohio winter wheat that can be sipped neat or mixed into classic cocktails. It’s savory and unique, with notes of black cherry, grain husk and spice.

Still, Middle West Spirits couldn’t resist taking its flagship product in new directions. The Short North micro-distillery has released several Oyo infusions, but readers couldn’t get enough of the one laced with wildflower honey from Lancaster and organic, fair-trade vanilla beans.

Founders Brady Konya and Ryan Lang last month announced plans to more than double the size of their facility, so expect even more chances to enjoy this delicious liquor.

Runners-up: Watershed Vodka, Brothers Drake mead

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