Best Hair Salon: Lucky 13

From the March 29, 2012 edition

This Clintonville salon proudly boasts on its site that it frequently beats out the “big guys” when it comes to local “best” salon awards. That independent streak continues with the 2012 Alive readers’ poll. Clients love the salon’s “everyone’s welcome” atmosphere and always available walk-in appointments despite its growing popularity. In an interview last year, owner Kathleen Hildenbrand explained that the studio is “comfortable and creative,” and that feeling is accentuated by fuss-free haircuts and style, and local artists’ murals covering the walls. “We’re not trying to be fancy or elitist,” Hildenbrand said. “We have everyone from scenesters to retirees coming in, and we like it that way.”

Runners-up: Charles Penzone, Rendezvous

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