Locals: PlayDate: The 1970s!

  • Moon High
From the March 29, 2012 edition

PBR rep and concert promoter Bobby Miller has graced Columbus with many great ideas geared toward shaking up the indie rock scene, Rock Potluck and Megacity Music Marathon among them. His latest concoction promises to be just as amusing.

PlayDate: The 1970s! charges 10 local bands with recreating “The Me Decade.” Each group will play three covers from a given year, from Dolfish tackling 1970 up through Two Cow Garage’s take on 1979, with the likes of Moon High, The Lindsay and Psychedelic Horseshit along the way.

“My instructions were like, pick songs that are meaningful for you, but keep in mind you shouldn’t play something obscure for obscurity’s sake,” Miller said. “It will be a much better event if people know the songs and they’re singing along.”

A 1980s version of PlayDate is coming Sept. 28; Miller also intends to host PlayDates celebrating the sounds of cities like London, Detroit and Memphis.