Pets rule: Goodies for the pampered pet

  • Photos by Alysia Burton
From the April 4, 2012 edition

The pet industry grows more robust every year as people come to value their furry, four-legged friends as true members of the family. So what’s the latest and greatest indulgence, accessory or just-plain-fun toy out there? We stopped by a few local shops to sniff it out.


Jumbo toys with invincible squeakers ($25)

Moochie & Co.

Multiple locations

The trend might be toward toy dogs, but lately, when it comes to dog toys, the bigger, the better, according to Jennifer Armstrong, manager of the Moochie & Co. Tuttle store. (Maybe because a huge rope toy makes a tiny dog look even smaller?) And this snake has squeakers that don’t stop squeaking even after they’ve been punctured, which means endless entertainment.

Edible bubbles for cats and dogs ($4)

Moochie & Co.

You didn’t know pets love chasing after bubbles? Well, try a tube of this, and you’ll quickly find out. If Spot or Shadow doesn’t catch them mid-air, they’ll land without popping for easy licking. Perhaps the most impressive part: They’re peach flavored!


Seat-belt buckle collar ($25)

Posh Pets

743 N. High St., Short North


A fast click of the buckle and Fido is free — quick-release collars are required at some doggie day cares. With its sweet sunglasses design, this one looks good at the same time.

Waterproof collar ($28)

Moochie & Co.

The active dog owner’s dream: A stylish collar that won’t get gross from trips in and out of the lake this summer. Traditional nylon or leather collars are havens for bacteria, but these Dublin Dog collars are guaranteed to stay stink-free.

Car seat ($79) with water and food rack ($16)

Posh Pets

It might seem indulgent at a glance, but putting man’s best friend in his own padded seat in the car protects him, makes him feel safer and more comfortable, and gives him a better view out the window. That’s right, thanks to the Lookout Car Seat’s cushioned, raised base, any dog can see out the window easier, which is the best part of any trip.

Doggie dress ($30)

Moochie & Co.

When the time comes for Princess to go shopping for spring, she’ll be happy to hear that the latest doggie fashions are starting to catch up with people trends. Armstrong especially likes this safari-inspired number, and she says colors that imitate the look of, say, a Burberry plaid are big sellers among in-the-know pooches.


Easter pupcake ($2.75)

Three Dog Bakery

611 N. High St., Short North


Find some of the cutest, drool-worthy treats at this bakery and boutique. You’ll both go crazy over them — especially this year’s Easter edibles, like this adorable baby chick. Although all of Three Dog’s ingredients are human-quality, they look better than they taste. So leave them for Lassie!

Sammy Snacks treats ($8)

Moochie & Co.

But if you’re looking for something the two of you really can share, you’ll love splitting a bag of these cheese (or chocolate or blueberry-muffin flavored) treats. Moochie & Co. Armstrong confirms what the packaging claims: Humans and dogs both find them tasty.