Preview: The Naked and Famous at CD101 Day Side B

From the April 4, 2012 edition

Although falsetto synth-pop geared to inspire ass-shakery among teenage Band of Horses fans is undoubtedly a fertile market, the idea of a Passion Pit knockoff initially seemed preposterous because Michael Angelakos’ band is so distinct. And while Kiwi combo The Naked and Famous make Angelakos’ unmistakable voice plenty mistakable (I can’t be the only one who assumed that exultant “Young Blood” chorus was Passion Pit’s doing), on closer examination, the CD101 Day Side B headliners do have something to offer besides blatant imitation.

For one thing, rip-off or not, that “Young Blood” chorus is solid gold. And on songs like “Eyes,” they unlock the cheat code to M83’s Atari console time machine, grafting genre plates with an ease that suggests talented Auckland lads (and lass) still figuring out their own voice.

Also appearing Saturday: Walk the Moon, The Features, Reptar and locals The Regrettes.