Staff pick: Beatles vs. Stone DJ Battle at Ace of Cups

From the April 4, 2012 edition

The question of which is the better rock band, The Rolling Stones or The Beatles, has been a point of contention at both watering holes and water coolers for so long, we’ve seen Keith Richards live nine lives.

“The Stones have always been underdogs because they released their first album after The Beatles, and they did not secure the immediate mass appeal in America quite as dramatically as The Beatles did,” said Phillip Park, aka DJ Freddie Free. “On the other hand, the Stones have now been an active performing unit for 50 years. They have a massive catalog, and they’re a little more rock and roll.”

How to choose? A free DJ-off.

At Ace of Cups on Saturday, Park will spin the Stones. Meanwhile Chuck Oney, aka Chazzy Chaz, will play the Fab Four. They’ll go song for song, and listeners can vote by putting a chip in a jar marked for either band.

The dance party, the brainchild of Park, will get the crowd warmed up for Heatwave. He said he hopes to make the battle a reoccurring event because, really, this is a rock ’n’ roll battle that will never die.