Beauty: Spring makeup trends

  • Photo by Will Shilling
From the April 12, 2012 edition

For tips on rocking this spring’s colorific makeup trends, we turned to color maestro Tim Maurer, owner and designer behind Mukha Custom Cosmetics.

“This spring is not about changing everything,” Maurer said. “It’s about adding something you never would have thought about to what you already do.”

Eyes: Go bold

For Mukha’s spring collection of new colors, Maurer took notes from various fashion weeks — neon, bold brights, eye shadow from lid to brow — and then toned all the trends down for the rest of us. His new eye shadows, like pollen-colored Citrine and mermaid mannered Aquamarine, look like they may cross color lines into risky territory, but the bold shadows make a statement at night and also work as liners or in the corners of the lids during the day. Even this spring’s dark colors have some kind of extra element, like the glittery specks of 14-karat gold in Mukha’s enigmatic brown Tahitian Pearl.

Lips: Polish them off

Severe siren red is so winter 2011. “The two hot things are really, really coral — and when I say coral I mean orange — and then this sort of plummy pink,” Maurer said. Try a stain in one of those colors with a complementary gloss. Don’t be afraid to shine this spring.

Brows: Be bushy

Step away from the tweezers. This spring the thicker the brow, the better. “You want to go Brooke Shields,” Maurer said. “It’s that big.”

Face: Stay light

Thick powder or foundation can be too heavy for warm weather, so Maurer suggested a finishing dust like Mukha’s Complete Confidence. The light powder, which Maurer recommends for people who will be on HD television, evens the skin’s tone and gives the skin a silky, almost airbrushed sheen.