When Path describes his new project "Ethiopiates" as "drug-induced party rap," this is what he means:

When Path describes his new project "Ethiopiates" as "drug-induced party rap," this is what he means:

"It's the type of album where you're at a party, and you and your best homies sneak off to another room to smoke a blunt because you don't want the whole party to follow you and try to get - you know, scavengers. And 'Ethiopiates' would be the album that would be on in the other room."

That's exactly the trip you'd expect from the infinitely gregarious, perpetually zonked Columbus rapper-producer. What you might not expect: The guy who named himself Producing All The Hits didn't craft a single beat for "Ethiopiates." Path wants to be recognized for his increasing poise on the mic, and indeed he settles into these grooves more naturally than ever, ably exploring the ecstatic highs and terrifying depths of chemical experimentation.

"This is where my mind is right now," he said. "This is where my skills are right now."

Path (born Jared Young) employed producers ranging from locals Jacoti Sommes (Hugs & Kisses, Envelope) and Woodrow Wilson (The Yachtsmen) to Vancouver's North Kid and rising Texas talent Beautiful Lou. The latter has produced for Lil B, ASAP Rocky and Squadda B, figures at the forefront of the spacey, meandering "cloud rap" currently flourishing online. Guest rappers include Path's longtime collaborator Alleyes Manifest, Metro, Lev Don and the Milk + Syrup crew. Steamboat's Charlie Smith sings the hook on "Transient."

Despite the varied contributors, "Ethiopiates" strikes a consistent mood, 45 minutes of floaty deja vu assembled seamlessly by Power 107.5's DJ Giovanny. It's so consistent, in fact, that sustained exposure can become oppressively dank without the proper accessories.

"Everyone's on the same mind state," Path said.

He'll celebrate "Ethiopiates" Friday at the fifth installment of Zero Star's Buggin' Out party at Carabar.