Preview: “Tim Veach Dance”

  • Wes Kroninger photo
From the April 12, 2012 edition

Tim Veach, founder and artistic director of Columbus Dance Theatre, began choreographing 20 years ago when the New York dance company he performed with had a layoff. All of the dancers were sitting around, bored, and they convinced Veach to create something for them.

“Then I started voraciously choreographing, and that’s how it all started,” he recounted. He and his pregnant wife moved to Columbus so he could attend graduate school at Ohio State, and he’s been creating works for local dancers ever since.

To honor his contributions to the Columbus dance scene, CDT is performing three different programs of his work this weekend.

Veach picked out audience favorites spanning back to “Bach to the Line,” a work set to Bach that was commissioned by Columbus’ JazzMet in 1993. Almost every piece on the programs will be performed to live music.

“I really felt it important to try to show the range of interests I have as a choreographer, from the deep psychological component … to playful, romping, pure movement, fun, dance for dance’s sake to the political,” Veach said.

There will also be one new piece on the program, “His Own Skin,” which Veach created for his son, Judson, a member of the Nashville Ballet.

“I decided I would only make one new work, and I wanted to make it for him, because he was born the same year I started choreographing,” Veach explained.