Q&A: Comedian Laura Sanders

From the April 12, 2012 edition

Laura Sanders says she spends as much time on her comedy as she does on freelance graphic design work, like creating infographics pointing out all the features on the most expensive RV ever made (retail price: $2.5 million). She’ll be recording her first comedy album with Justin Golak at Backstage Bistro next Tuesday and performing at the Gateway Comedy Festival this Friday.

Writing comes really sporadically. I used to have a lot more time when I worked a nine-to-five because we’d have a lot of boring meetings and things, so I’d get to think of ideas during that.

It’s tricky as a lady doing comedy because you can meet a lot of shady dudes. I’ve been tricked into dates before because I’ve had guys go, “Oh, you do comedy? I want to write with you.” I think I went on like four dates with a guy once because I kept thinking he wanted to do comedy. Then I realized he’d bought me a couple drinks, and then I went to a wedding with him. How is this comedy related?

I’m kind of lucky that there aren’t a lot of women in the comedy scene, because I can give a fresher perspective. I’m able to write about a trip to the lady doctor — material that other comedians don’t have because they’re dudes. I can’t do as many dick jokes, though.

I do have one dick joke, but it’s more about having to open up for a male strip show. And I’m talking about theirs, because obviously I don’t have one. I get why comedians do a lot of that, because it is satisfying to say “dick” into a microphone.

The male strip show was the weirdest place I’ve done comedy. I was told it was for a male revue and I didn’t get that it wasn’t a talent show. I met a stripper named Penetration who gave me his business card. My favorite part about the whole night was that he had a business card and said he also did graduation parties.

If I don’t perform at least once a week, I get a little antsy. I’m a girl who needs a lot of attention, and comedy is the healthiest way I can get it. I can get attention that way or some other ways girls get attention, which is not as healthy … and produces babies.

The Gateway Comedy Festival is the idea that there’s a Campus audience that may not realize they can go to the Short North or Downtown for a show. So we’re bringing the show to them. You just have to stumble over to the Gateway, and there’ll be a bunch of comedians you’ve never seen before.