Staff Pick: The Hive Dwellers at Skylab

From the April 12, 2012 edition

At the dawn of K Records, Calvin Johnson and his Olympia pals tapped into primitive childhood nostalgia. Three decades later, the mere appearance of Johnson’s low, slow cadence conjures memories of another sort, catapulting listeners to the early days of indie rock.

To Johnson’s credit, even with longing for childhood innocence at an all-time high, he is not surfing the wistful echo chamber. Johnson’s latest project, The Hive Dwellers, applies his usual primitive rock tools to a wide range of rock without settling into mere rehash.

The band stops at Skylab this Monday to promote debut “Hewn From the Wilderness,” coming June 12 on K. Slave Labia, Bird and Flower, and Erin Earthling will play, too.