TV review: The Big C

From the April 12, 2012 edition

Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen last Sunday’s premiere of “The Big C”: I’m so happy Paul (Oliver Platt) isn’t dead — he’s my favorite. I didn’t think he’d really die, but this show deals with death so expertly (and occasionally hilariously) that I wasn’t sure whether last season’s cliffhanger would end sadly.

And it doesn’t look like Cathy (an always wonderful Laura Linney) will be going anywhere soon, what with her Walter White-like rebound from cancer. Speaking of Heisenberg from “Breaking Bad,” it looks like this season will be Cathy’s descent into darkness and depravity — although I doubt she’ll be cooking meth.

I wasn’t a huge fan of “The Big C” during its first season, and the name still bugs me, but the amazing (and sometimes heart-wrenching) Season 2 story arcs have me looking forward to the upcoming episodes.