Even though you are as strong as you are, we know sunburns hurt you, too. Here are some tips.

Even though you are as strong as you are, we know sunburns hurt you, too. Some tips:

For your lips

The sun can really deliver a pow, right to the kisser. Avoid burn and, thus, less-than-impressive lip locking with an SPF-enhanced lip protector. Men's skincare line Jack Black offers an intense therapy balm with 25 SPF. It comes in seven flavors and is designed so it doesn't get all waxy on your lips - great for the guy who is afraid of wearing something that looks too glossy.

For sweaty days

Super sweat requires super protection. Get your hands on a sports-specific, water-resistant screen, like Neutrogena's Ultimate Sport. Neutrogena touts a Helioplex technology that, it says, better stabilizes avobenzone, one of the best UVA blockers that the Food and Drug Administration has approved, which means the protection lasts a long time.

For smart consumers

Speaking of the FDA, new regulations are coming sunscreen manufacturers' way this summer. Start looking for brands that offer "broad spectrum" protection. Starting in June, all labels that use this lingo must have passed tests that prove they protect against both UVB and UVA rays. UVB ray protection is already distinguished by the SPF count, but UVA rays are the real sick ones that get in deep beneath the skin and also contribute to causing cancer. The FDA recommends broad spectrum SPF products with values higher than 15.