Staff Pick: Columbus Food Swap

From the April 19, 2012 edition

When I hear the word “barter,” I imagine the following dialogue taking place in a foggy forest setting as lumberjacks scurry about.

Me: “Sir, you insult me with that offer. These musket balls are made from the same batch of melted metal that President George Washington used for his fake teeth. All his real teeth fell out because he ate too many cherry pies from that tree he chopped down … or something.”

Lumberjack leader: “Aha, the gal’s got moxy! OK. I’ll take the deal. I’ll even throw in one muskrat-lined moccasin for two more tablespoons of salt.”

Extra No. 1 (for effect): “Timber!”

And scene.

Regardless of all the historical inaccuracies in the previous fictitious conversation, there’s something endlessly intriguing about bartering for goods. In a time when it’s not a necessity, bartering has a DIY, progressive charm.

This reoccurring event at Wild Goose Creative lets you barter with homemade and homegrown food. Bring in something edible (muskrat moccasins will likely get you nowhere) to swap and go home with something delicious. At previous swaps, participant foodstuffs have included home canned items, preserves, backyard chicken eggs and homemade candy. Yum.