Preview: Legends and Legacies: Columbus Dances

From the April 26, 2012 edition

Tap dancer and “Thinking on Their Feet” filmmaker Jenai Cutcher West brings her new book, “Columbus Moves: A Brief History of Contemporary Dance,” to its namesake city on May 2. In celebration, choreographer Kristina Isabelle, the author, and a galaxy of Central Ohio dance luminaries present “Legends and Legacies: Columbus Dances,” featuring a reconstruction of a solo by Maggie Patton.

The evanescent art of dance passes “from person to person in rehearsals, classes, techniques, and concerts,” West said, “but dancers rarely have an opportunity to get a comprehensive sense of the body of work that precedes them, especially on the local level.”

In time for the city’s bicentennial, the book “is a tribute to the past and those who created it, as well as an addition to the current conversation surrounding dance-making in Columbus,” West said.

The book, a panel discussion, and the “Legends and Legacies” performance together aim to inspire our future.