Describe your style: "Cost-effectively hip"

Describe your style: Cost-effectively hip

Bag: Elefunk by JanSport. The button on the front is from the Ohio Historical Society; his mom gave him a membership as a birthday present.

Columbus Metro Bike Users Map: From the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission office. As a cyclist, this map is great. The green roads are more biker friendly, and the red roads are places you should avoid.

Frisbee: I play ultimate Frisbee every Wednesday at Clinton-Como Park at 6:30 p.m. Anyone can play. Shameless plug.

Scrabble dictionary: Im such a Words With Friends and Scrabble person. The best word hes learned from the Scrabble dictionary? Zax. Its a small wooden cutting tool. Perfect for when youre stuck with a Z and an X.

Glasses kit: Its got a cleaning swab and a screwdriver. For when I gotta fix the Buddy Hollys.

Sunglasses: From Tigertree, made by TOMS, which will pay for an eye exam and glasses prescription in a third-world country for each pair sold. I had a cheap pair of sunglasses from Walmart and I told myself that if I could go one year without breaking them Id buy big-boy glasses. These cost as much as Ray-Bans, but I like that it feels like Im donating $60 to someone who needs it The sides of the glasses are made out of wood so they dont burn your face.

Notebook: Sticker from local band Illicit Kitty

Water bottle: By Klean Kanteen from Clintonville Outfitters. Klean Kanteen is a company that tries to have zero impact.

Packs of Equal: Im a sweetener snob. I carry Equal around in case a restaurant doesnt have it. I think its because my parents are such SweetN Low people. This is my form of rebellion. I listened to Sonic Youth and used Equal. Take that, establishment.

Photo by Tessa Berg