ComFest 2012: Best bands to see on Saturday

  • Photo by Tessa Berg
    The Regrettes
  • Angela Perley & the Howlin’ Moons
  • Photo by Laura Meister
    Way Yes
From the June 21, 2012 edition

Angela Perley & the Howlin’ Moons

1 p.m., Off Ramp Stage

Taking her cues from the bold ladies of classic Americana country, Angela Perley’s vocal whippoorwill twang and down-home lyrics are so darling they will keep you up at night. Even when she’s singing about murder, she’s charming, and her backing Howlin’ Moons never fail to keep up. Hearing their songs is like being transported to a forgotten time, when breaking bread together was a religion and kisses were best stolen by the railroad tracks. —Jackie Mantey

Way Yes

8 p.m., Bozo Stage

Way Yes is like a beach vacation without having to shell out for a plane ticket. The 2011 Alive Bands to Watch honorees whip up fresh, friendly melodies and celebratory beats on myriad percussion instruments. Their breezy music, which is partly influenced by African and Brazilian traditions, is good company. Way Yes is a band you should not stop watching any time soon. —Heather Gross

Winter Makes Sailors

8:15 p.m., Off Ramp Stage

Sean Gardner’s shoe-gaze folk is instantly evocative of Elliott Smith — the vocals are eerily similar — only minus the oppressive gloom. The infusion of subtle pop sensibilities makes the music even stronger. If the lyrics, “Alcohol, it takes your money, marijuana mixed with honey” don’t play well with ComFest attendees, I don’t know what will. —Jesse Tigges

The Regrettes

9 p.m., Bozo Stage

Some might bristle at a band headlining ComFest mere months after its first gig, but damn do The Regrettes deserve it. Theirs is old-school soul of a high caliber — girl-group R&B delivered with rip-roaring swagger by dual lead singers with star power. The partnership between Mehgan Alexandra Hutchinson and Lizzy Morris crackles with charisma and allure, and the skilled band backing them is smart enough to stay out of their way. —Chris DeVille

She Bears

9:45 p.m., Off Ramp Stage

Can you be energetic and lazy at the same time? She Bears’ brand of slacker pop seems to be the perfect soundtrack to wind up and wind down on Saturday. Stephen Pence and the gang close out the day’s festivities on the Off Ramp Stage. —Brad Keefe